In 1976 I was offered a position within the local community working as an apprentice laboratory technician for a company then known as Ciba Geigy
In 1984 I was asked whether I would like to get involved with a brand new piece of kit that very few people knew anything about

This turned out to be the Systag BSC-81, the forerunner to the Mettler Toledo RC1 calorimeter

The photo above shows the initial installation based in Lab 10 and is for historical purposes only

Over time, this equipment was used by me to measure the heat of reaction of many different plant processes in an attempt to determine various safety aspects
Parameters such as the overall heat of reaction, the specific heat, heat transfer coefficient, reagent accumulation, time to maximum rate and others were measured and calculated
by myself and this incredible machine from 1985 until 1999

The machine was controlled by a DEC LSI-11 computer system housed in the large box on the left of the photo and was monitored by the DEC monitor in the centre
The business end was the large two litre jacketed reactor on the right which as you can see was fitted with a base valve for emptying
Silicone oil with anti static additive circulated around the jacket at around one litre per second into and out of a central heating tank
with the large unit at the base housing a 2kW fridge plant that provided continuous cooling to around minus 25 Celcius
The system was monitored by PT100 electrodes for temperature and had a +- stepper motor in the grey protrusion on the left for controlling the mixing of hot/cold oil
The machine could add a controlled amount of liquid from an electronic balance via RS232 using a Prominent pump or Watson Marlow type over any time period
Whilst doing this it was constantly measuring and logging crucial temperature data

An amazing amount of work was done using this device and an amazing amount of data was gathered about the thermal aspects of the companies chemical processes
and keeping those processes safe for the staff and the environment


Part of the way through my time in this field the whole system was changed to a Mettler Toledo RC1 reaction calorimeter with RD10 dosing controller,
reflux kit, metal/Teflon head and gas injection system for the adding of gases from small cylinders


Also during this time I worked with some great people including Mike Pearce, Ian Davies and Richard Parkinson


I became acquainted with amazing people such as Dave Hasted, Chris Jackson, Ken Stares and Steve Czapko who often shared curry with me in the local curry house
I have very fond memories of those times


This page has been put together purely out of history for the BSC-81